Why join one of the K&L Clubs?

Enjoy variety and value that a winery club can't come close to matching. Because we have been selling premium wines since 1976, we have long-standing relationships with wineries, wine brokers, and wine wholesalers and we're able to find outstanding bottles at bargain prices. Due to our large-volume purchasing (we are one of the largest wine retailers on the West Coast), we have tremendous leverage with our suppliers and vintners when negotiating great deals for our clubs.

Additionally, our frequent worldwide buying trips (several times each year since 1985) have given us many contacts with winery owners, negociants, and brokers abroad. Our wine buyers travel around the world several times a year and are continually discovering special wines from every major wine producing region. By frequently buying directly from the sources, we eliminate the markups of importers and are able to bring you bottles at significantly lower prices than you'll see at other clubs or stores.