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Tasting Notes

What started as a private brand for an exclusive resort in Los Cabos has turned into K&L's best selling tequila of the last two years. Codigo has recently expanded the options available for single barrel bottling and we had to jump on an exclusive cask of their Rosa tequila. Codigo works with some of the very top properties in Napa to secure top notch wine barrels for aging their precious tequila. The majority of these barrels receive a light charring before being filled with agave spirit, but for their Rosa Codigo leaves the barrels uncharred and lets the natural flavor and hue of Napa Cabernet gently influence the spirit. The end result is a beautiful drink with all of the full agave flavor and rich body of Codigo married with just a tiny hint of red fruit and a stunning rosé color.

Staff Reviews

  • Jackson Lee
    By: Jackson Lee
    K&L Staff Member
    This Rosa, aged in Napa Valley Cabernet wine casks pours out a beautiful millennial pink, perplexing the mind of this agave enthusiast. Alluring bitter, floral notes of hibiscus and rose petals with a distinct orange zest citrus note wafted from the glass, mixed with that familiar and comforting smell of sweet, cooked agave. Surprisingly, I didn’t get anything that would immediately bring wine to mind on the palate save the same floral notes that came off the nose and a tannic type of texture. This is most likely due to the short time it spends in the barrel, anywhere from two weeks to a month. The finish was lighthearted and fun with a light sweetness and tart lemon flavor that consciously or unconsciously made me think of nothing but pink lemonade.
  • Will Blakely
    By: Will Blakely
    K&L Staff Member
    When I first heard of the Rosa, I was suspicious; red wine barrel aging sounded like to me like a gimmick, but the wine and the wood add a lot here. A touch of grape must and pepper on the nose immediately separates this from Codigo's Blanco, and the palate is quite a bit richer. Red berries and currant compliment the agave fruit beautifully. Capped off by a pleasant herbal finish, this makes for a fun and unique gift as well as a great bottle for the home bar.
  • Diana Turk
    By: Diana Turk
    K&L Staff Member
    One of my favorite tequilas we carry, Còdigo Rosa is a unique drinking experience that nevertheless shows classic, sharp tequila flavors of pepper and agave throughout. Berry sweetness sings up front, with bright citrus on the palate. The pink color (from aging in Napa Cabernet Sauvignon barrels) not only looks pretty in the glass but really has notes of red wine. Juicy, with a long yet clean finish, our exclusive barrel is delicious: smooth enough on its own but will really shine in a cocktail with a well-salted rim. A must-try for any tequila aficionado.
  • Anthony Russo
    By: Anthony Russo
    K&L Staff Member
    My favorite "elegant" tequila hitting the shelves as a single barrel, I love it! No sugar/sweetening component, just aged in ex-Cabernet barrels from Napa. You get a touch of a red berry note on the nose if you really dig for it, but a passing glance will make you think of pink lemonade. The brightness of the high quality agave fruit interacts with the barrels to really create something fun and unique. Enjoy it on its own or give that Margarita a fun boost.
  • Neal Fischer
    By: Neal Fischer
    K&L Staff Member
    Aged in uncharred oak barrels that once held premium Napa Cabernet, this Codigo is so spice-driven and fruity from picking up some of the juicy wine trapped in the wood. It’s all fresh-cracked peppercorn meets a salty brininess with layers of tropical fruit (papaya, pineapple) and berries, along with an almost creamy softness. The spice and salt translate directly from the nose to the palate making for a tequila that is literally mouthwatering. Meanwhile the red fruit characteristics are bone-dry but definitely present, finishing in a slightly berry-oriented clean agave note.
  • Andrew Whiteley
    By: Andrew Whiteley
    K&L Staff Member
    This tequila opens beautifully after a few minutes in your glass. What is at first wound tightly like a fine wine eventually expresses an incredible array of red fruits, cooked agave and a touch of minerality. There is almost a bubble gum sweetness on the nose that is perfectly cut by the pepperiness of the cactus. Codigo's use of an uncharred Napa cult cab barrel is one of the most creative tequila aging vessels we've seen and the results are extraordinary. The nose and color exhibit all of the flash you'd expect from this Napa treatment, but the mouthfeel and flavor is all Codigo blanco - our most popular tequila in the store. Rich, full, and zippy at the same time. All for the same price as the regular Rosa from Codigo!
  • Stefanie Juelsgaard
    By: Stefanie Juelsgaard
    K&L Staff Member
    What a fun and different take on a high-end tequila that many tequila enthusiasts will never have had before. Blanco tequila aged in high end Napa Cabernet barrels, this bottling has a gorgeous pink hue that sets it apart on the shelf and in the bar cart. This bottling still carries all the fresh, light citrus elements of a Blanco, but has some lovely berry and red fruit notes that make it truly unique. Còdigo has always been one of my top recommended tequilas to customers because of the delicate hand they use in production. They don't put any additives in, they willingly disclose the location of their agave fields (many won't as they are pulling unripe agave plants), and they use lightly toasted French oak barrels. I love this tequila as a different take on the classic spirit and mostly because it is delicious!


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