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1995 L'Encantada 24 Year Old "Lous Pibous #146" Bas-Armagnac (750ml) (Elsewhere $250) SKU #1443827

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Tasting Notes

The phenomenon that is Lous Pibous is unmatched in modern booze culture. Their rise to prominence in the eyes of the cognoscenti was so precipitous, it could never have been predicted. Truly, a modern legend. It was an overnight success. This tiny estate been anointed as one of the great Gascogne estates. The inherently limited nature of the stocks has created a stir. The golden age of brandy is here and Pibous might be its peak. It might have been lost completely had it not been for the great work of our partners at L'Encantada. We were very lucky to import the first cask from this estate and have developed a special relationship with Encantada. The small company, founded by real Gascognes, has become one of our most valued suppliers and their owners, our dear friends. Their sudden prominence on the world stage gives us great joy. Finding these stocks from this special estate was crucial to their success. In the late '80s, a Mr. Cazenave resigned himself to producing the very best possible Armagnac. His estate, Couzard-Lasalle, was located in the very best part of the Bas-Armagnac. He hired the best distiller, planted 100% Folle Blanche, built a beautiful new chai and purchased the finest oak barrels each vintage. He sold part of the spirit to Darroze and left the rest to mature at the property without any "travaill." The usual cellar work of brandy production. The result is otherworldly, unprecedented in the brandy world, and sets a new benchmark.

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Staff Reviews

  • Keith Mabry
    By: Keith Mabry
    K&L Staff Member
    I'll let David, our spirit's buyer, better explain the background of this Armagnac. It is quite fascinating for sure. I however would like to talk about this expression. This is one of the deepest and most concentrated Armagnacs I have had in years. Roasted apples, treacle, marmalade, allspice are just a few of the aromas that push out of the glass. For purists, I would still urge a drop or two of water as this will unlock an even greater depth of complexity on the nose. The palate is rich and defined. Again, those drops of water will let your tongue and brain process even more of what is happening. This will surely be one of the great fruit spirits we offer this year. Don't wait to include this in your collection.
  • Jackson Lee
    By: Jackson Lee
    K&L Staff Member
    The nose on this is big and evocative. As soon as the liquid hit the bottom of the glass, bright wisps of caramel apple and golden raisins seemed to form a halo around my nostrils. Getting up close and personal with it reminded me of a Jamaican rum with a bit of burnt rubber, but with a sweet note on the uptake, like milk chocolate. As it became less volatile the green apple and dark brown sugar were more prominent players with the slightest bit of cinnamon hiding out in the back. The palate hits you like a ton of bricks; it starts off soft and smooth with a bright, orchard fruit tone but then a lidocaine tingling starts to ramp up and a bit of oak spice comes in after, taking you into the finish where cherry cola and sweet plums linger for what feels like a millennia. <br><br>The addition of water tones down the rubber bits and enhances the brown sugar, and some red fruit tones on the nose. The palate is rounded out and takes on a silkier characteristic, again with the sweeter, darker notes coming forward. This is a hard bottle to pass up, and I’d recommend grabbing a bottle if you’re looking for an elegant yet robust Armagnac.
  • Will Blakely
    By: Will Blakely
    K&L Staff Member
    Why spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a 23 year-old bourbon, when this 24 year-old comes in under $200? Bottles from this estate continue to impress me, and this one might take the cake. There is a lot to love here, as that ultra-high-proof spirit only concentrated as it aged. Banana, dulce de leche, ample stone fruit and hearty toasted oak complete with allspice and vanilla come loud and fast like an ensemble band almost too big for the stage they're on. It holds a fine line, just this side of overwhelming; all its aggressive, hedonistic layers of flavor work perfectly. There's even an underlying current of shortbread, praline and lemon skin that round out the waxy, sumptuous body, showing it was built for more than just brute strength. With a couple of drops of water, apricot blossoms open up like the first bloom of spring. This bottle shows a gentler, more sophisticated side- another dimension to the party animal that I saw at first glance. In addition to the bourbon geeks, this style speaks to a lot of fans of cask strength spirits from brandy to whisky to the less funky rums. There's a little (or a lot of) something for everyone.
  • Neal Fischer
    By: Neal Fischer
    K&L Staff Member
    Bold and powerful Armagnac right here, folks. Deep wood notes dominate first in this austere spirit, and you can tell that this has been aging in new casks imparting their full flavor. More nosing reveals some of the more delicate qualities of the Folle Blanche grapes. There's a brooding florality, soft warming spice, and a surprisingly playful cherry element. The palate demonstrates the reverse of what the nose revealed: first the floral and fruity characteristics dance on the tongue, then the full force and weight of the spirit and those barrels come through. It's a very pretty Armagnac, but it's intense too.
  • Stefanie Juelsgaard
    By: Stefanie Juelsgaard
    K&L Staff Member
    A blend of turbinado sugar and wood tannin power through on the palate and the very long finish makes the ABV seem higher than 56.4%. Rich and lush with a slightly candied nose, orange zest, and butterscotch. This is the perfect ending to a meal with its supple dessert qualities and bold undertones.
  • Andrew Whiteley
    By: Andrew Whiteley
    K&L Staff Member
    Truly a legend in our midst. These are the brandy bottles that will be sought after for a generation to come. For those lucky enough to be here now, it is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. The power of this brandy is unparalleled. Lous Pibous has no equivalent. There are many great grape distillates, but no one has done it quite like this. Treated more like a bourbon than an Armagnac, this barrel sat untouched for over two decades. The nose is rich and intense, a complex and heady aroma of cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, black and red fruits, mulch, cacao and motor oil. The palate is enormous, taking no prisoners. Sweeter in the middle and dry on the finish, it lasts seemingly forever. While this is a no holds barred brandy, it does possess a kind of elegance, like a prize fighter standing taught, ready to strike. There is a reason Lous Pibous has taken the world by storm - this cask is the epitome of that reason.
  • Jeffrey Jones
    By: Jeffrey Jones
    K&L Staff Member
    A big and lusty tongue coating Armagnac. It is concentrated with bright caramel and rich fruit flavors. There is also subtle elegance and balance that help make this such a good Armagnac. There is a long finish with floral and spice notes.
  • David Othenin-Girard
    By: David Othenin-Girard
    K&L Staff Member
    The massive interest in this incredible brand and its flagship property has meant that what once seemed like an endless abundance of casks is already dwindling to a trickle. Where we might have once had the opportunity to walk through the magical warehouse at Couzard-Lasselle and select nearly any barrel, now we are offered a few samples to choose from. But I'm so grateful that we're included in the tiny fraction of the world's population that's able to acquire this unprecedented elixir. There have been few booze finds that have ever compared to the uncovering of this estate and so experiencing a new cask for the first time is always exhilarating. This cask is an absolute monster. Clocking in at 112.8 proof, the nose is so power and rich it's almost scary. On the palate this juice absolutely SCREAMS! It's loud and wild, filled with dense, dark wood tannin and tingly spice, and a rich, unctuous texture. The intensity is on a different level even compared to many of the other casks we've selected, but this underlying sweetness holds it all together. For the first time with one of these insane casks I find that the tiniest drop of good spring water improves the total package, but for those that love George T Stagg or other old ultra high proof spirits, you might not need to turn this one down at all. Neat the nose barrels out of the glass with deep dark aromas of coffee, leather, sandalwood, gentian root, licorice bark, stewed plums, chocolate covered raisins, cedar, hemlock, demerara syrup and sarsaparilla. The first taste is arresting powerful and edge-y, but as it draws through the palate a gorgeous sweetness appears. Powerful spice, sweet fresh tobacco leaf, dates, dark chocolate, old wooden furniture, dark red fruits preserved (lingonberry?), bitter herbs. Profound, powerful, and exhaustingly long. With a tiny splash of water, all the hard edges go away, it looses the oomph but gains an almost whimsical ease. Be careful—this stuff is still 110 proof and it goes down like sweet tea. Hopefully there are more barrels like this one left in that gorgeous chai.


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