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Laurent-Perrier "Grand Siècle" Brut Champagne SKU #990488

Price: $109.99

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Professional Reviews

K&L Notes

This is one of the greatest of the tête de cuvée Champagnes, but it has had a hard time selling in the US because it does not carry a vintage date, and is not produced in the same large volume as Cristal and Dom Perignon. This is a must for anyone who loves Champagne. It has glorious detail and complexity on the bouquet. In the mouth, the bead is ultra fine; it is hard to imagine smaller bubbles. The flavors are polished and fresh but still fully developed which is a testament to the precise blending practices. A great tête de cuvée! (Gary Westby, K&L Champagne buyer) (This bottling is Iteration No. 23, a blend of the 2002, 2004 and 2006 vintages).

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Staff Reviews

  • Neal Fischer
    By: Neal Fischer
    K&L Staff Member
    Grand Siecle is always an impressive way that Laurent-Perrier shows off its mastery of cuvee style Champagnes blending a small number of beautiful vintages with elegance and skill. The Grand Siecle is intensely aromatic with pear, a great yeasty/toasty profile, lemon, and spicy undertones. The palate is elegant in its subtle complexity. It’s very floral and classically fruity, and it’s clean with great texture.
  • Alex Schroeder
    By: Alex Schroeder
    K&L Staff Member
    The Grand Siècle (literally “Great Century”), is named after the age of King Louis XIV of France, and represents the awe and splendor that was known under his reign, during which Versailles was built. One of my absolute favorite prestige cuvées, it is composed entirely from Grand Cru sites, blended from three great vintages then aged on its lees for the entirety of a decade. Wow. Made from 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir, it has quince, green apple and citrus fruit with honey, almond and biscuit notes from the long aging. It has delicious toasty yeasty character and vibrancy from the great acid. This should be in every Champagne lovers cellar, ready for that perfect, or any, Champagne moment!
  • Muriel Sarik
    By: Muriel Sarik
    K&L Staff Member
    Every time I taste this Champagne, it's always delicate and elegant. No matter how differently I may describe it on the palate or nose. Knowing that their style is consistent makes it always enjoyable to the last glass.
  • Cameron Price
    By: Cameron Price
    K&L Staff Member
    Created in 1959, the LP Grand Siècle is easily one of my favorite 'Prestige Cuvées' as it is only made in good vintages and in very limited quantities where striving for excellence and elegance are the main goals. A wonderfully floral, elegant, aromatic and citrus focused nose are overwhelmingly charming as the palate gives you soft citrus mist with a touch of brioche and buttered sourdough makes this champagne one that doesn't get any less interesting with each sip. This wine is very fun to drink.
  • Chris DePaoli
    By: Chris DePaoli
    K&L Staff Member
    If I'm asked for a special bottle of Champagne, this is what I go to. It tastes as rich as any tête de cuvée I've ever tried, with smashing notes of vanilla and toasted hazelnut, but it's the subtleties that make it truly exceptional. The touch of orange cream and herbal notes on the edge flit in and out of the palate and the softness in total almost demands you finish the bottle. One of the best.
  • Andrew Tobin
    By: Andrew Tobin
    K&L Staff Member
    A true Multi-Vintage wine, Grand Siecle is always such a treat! This is the last bottling that will go unnumbered as they move towards a new bottling recognition. The wine is stunning with notes of stone fruit, iodine, apple blossom and a touch of cream. Get these while they last. wine this good doesn't stay around long!
  • Scott Beckerley
    By: Scott Beckerley
    K&L Staff Member
    This review is for the latest release, a blend of the 1997, 1999 and 2002 vintages. A blend of 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir with a clean nose of citrus, cream, pastry dough and coconut. Beautifully balanced and delicate on the palate, with toasted nuts, cream, brioche and white fruits. Wonderful balance of citrus on the finish. (Updated review 13 September, 2018)
  • Gary Westby
    By: Gary Westby
    K&L Staff Member
    The Grand Siecle has long been my favorite tete de cuvee, but for several years it has been out of reach. Since 2008, just a trickle has made it to the USA, and it was a fantastically expensive trickle. We managed to secure some at a very fair price and I can't say enough about what a great wine this is. Most big houses talk a big game about the "Blenders Art" and the synergy of Grand Cru terroirs when combined not just with balancing sites, but also across time. This is the embodiment of synergistic blending and monk’s patience. Nearly every Grand Cru in Champagne is represented; the wine is from three different vintages and aged over 10 years on the lees. I believe this is the most underrated of all the tête de cuvees in Champagne. First of all, it is real and honest tête de cuvee, representing only a sliver of their production and allowing them to select the cream of the crop for this bottling. Some of the most famous tête de cuvees are actually the second highest production wine from their respective houses! As one would expect from a Champagne that is aged this long from such excellent sources, it is very complex. This complexity is not a vinous, heavy complexity, however; in fact it is almost vanishingly subtle and elegant. I think it's necessary to spend time with the Grand Siècle to truly understand it. The wine is simply lovely with a fantastic bead of tiny bubbles to start and I always feel like a having second glass when I taste it. That is when I start to notice the complexity! That desire for more speaks volumes.
  • Rachel Alcarraz
    By: Rachel Alcarraz
    K&L Staff Member
    The top of the top, the cream of the crop. The Grand Siecle is the "tete de cuvee" which means that it is produced from the very first pressing of the grapes. It is a blend of the very best juice from the very best vintages. The older vintages create the aromas of fresh brioche and a soft weight on the palate. Younger vintages keep the wine fresher with notes of bright lemon and white stone. The two characterics brought together to create a balanced and complex champagne.
  • Christina Stanley
    By: Christina Stanley
    K&L Staff Member
    The Laurent-Perrier "Grand Siecle" Brut Champagne is the Tete de Cuvee of the Laurent-Perrier house. This small production Champagne is multi-vintage, with the earliest vintage being reserves from 1997-1999, imparting a rich texture and aromatic quality to the wine. The nose is herbaceous, with aromas of earthy white mushroom and faint lemongrass. A balanced blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, "Grand Siecle" has a very fine mousse, and the palate is extremely clean and dry, mineral driven and smooth. I pick up a hint of delightful nutmeg, which melts into a rich and easy finish. This is a complex and sophisticated Champagne.
  • Steve Bearden
    By: Steve Bearden
    K&L Staff Member
    The Grand Siecle is a blend of 3 older vintages done in stainless to preserve freshness but with the older reserve wines adding great richness and complexity. This has mature but vibrant flavors of Brioche, baked apple, roasted nuts and a slight whiff of honey. The fine pin point bubbles are a result of the extended ageing before release. This is always one of the best wines in Champagne.
  • Andrew Stevens
    By: Andrew Stevens
    K&L Staff Member
    The Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle is one of the most selective Tete Cuvee in production today. Given the scale of Laurent Perrier the fact that so little Grand Siecle Brut is available speaks to the selectiveness of the process. A blend of about 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay done in stainless steel the wine presents a lovely earthy note on the nose with hints of early orchard fruit. Earthy pear, yeasty notes, lingering acid, and a long finish help to create a truly compelling wine.
  • Joe Manekin
    By: Joe Manekin
    K&L Staff Member
    Laurent Perrier's flagship Grand Siecle is a fine Tete de Cuvee. Though its not the best known tete de cuvee, and is certainly not anywhere near the largest or most widely distributed, it does accomplish the main goal of these wines; originality and house style. This cuvee is based on the 2002 vintage, and features a 50-50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Aromas that are ever so slightly toasty and smoky lead to an incredibly vinous palate: think a blend of Puligny and Meursault 1er with bubbles. Just a trace of red fruited nuances seem to kick in towards the finish. For a celebratory splurge, anniversary or closing gift, this just might be the bottle you're looking for.
  • Stefanie Juelsgaard
    By: Stefanie Juelsgaard
    K&L Staff Member
    This Champagne exhibits the very highest end of production from one of the great Champagne houses. It is literally the best parts of their production from the 1997, 1999, and 2002 vintages. The aromatics in this bottle are some of the most expressive I have ever come across in any Champagne and the 50/50 balance of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir give it incredible balance and roundness. A special bottle and a wonderful alternative to other tete de cuvees on the market.
  • Shaun Green
    By: Shaun Green
    K&L Staff Member
    The Grand Siecle is one of those 'under the radar' stunning luxury cuvee Champagnes that simply blows away most of the more well known big guns. The Creamy leesy lightly toasty nose gives way to a palate of rich round creamy lightly spiced baked apple. Very very classy and elegant for such a rich wine, this will make any special occasion even that much more special. My favorite sub $500 Luxury cuvee.
    Top Value!
  • Diana Turk
    By: Diana Turk
    K&L Staff Member
    With a dramatic bottle shape and sometimes limited-edition packaging, Laurent-Perrier’s tête de cuvée is a prestige Champagne that feels like it. Aged ten years on the lees, Grand Siècle is sourced from 100% Grand Cru vineyard sites, and is a multi-vintage blend: the latest release includes reserve wines from 1997, 1999, and the coveted 2002 harvests! Light straw yellow in color, this is bright with vivid stonefruit, and although undoubtedly fresh, the most notable quality is the honeyed, leesy depth – you can feel its storied age. Grand Siècle is sumptuous and yet still nimble, effervescent and easy-drinking. While I’d feel confident laying this down, my guess is you won’t want to; I received a bottle as a birthday gift, and though I tried to hold out for a "Grand" occasion, LP turned out to make an ordinary lazy Sunday special.
  • Cindy Westby
    By: Cindy Westby
    K&L Staff Member
    While vintage Champagne is meant to reflect the nuance of a particular growing season, and multi-vintage Champagne is typically representative of a "house style"- I love the deliberate use of three distinct declared vintages in Laurent Perrier's 'Grand Siecle'. The three vintages are 100% Grand Cru and chosen for their complementary flavors. Cellar Master Michel Fauconnet says one vintage is chosen for structure, one for finesse and one for freshness. Truly the "cream of the crop" from this superlative Champagne House!
  • Kyle Kurani
    By: Kyle Kurani
    K&L Staff Member
    The Grand Siècle is a prestige bottling with the stuffing to back it up. I was well impressed with this bottle in our last tasting, it has all the complexity and richness that you would expect from the top bottling of a Champagne House. A true multi-vintage wine, this combines the strengths of three great vintages into a sum that is greater than the three parts. This wine is driven decadence, ripe off the tree peaches and cream envelope your palate at the first sip, followed by dense shortbread and white flowers. Layers or citrus and ginger follow, supported by a subtle nuttiness from the lengthy aging, this wine is complete, without a single edge to be found.


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